Winter Conditions at Tuscarora

Tuscarora Scout Reservation is located just below the 2000' mark in elevation.  Therefore, the temperatures will vary from what you may read on the internet.  It has generally been observed that temperatures will be 5-7 degrees COLDER here than they are at Windsor or Deposit, NY.  Since we are on a hilltop, the winds are also much higher, greatly adding to the windchill.  Be sure to check the weather forecast prior to your visit.  Click here for current conditions.

Summit Lake Road is maintained by the Town of Sanford.  They do a very good job at keeping it plowed, sanded and safe...especially on weekends when we have Scouts here.  Due to sudden changes in weather and precipitation, the road conditions can deteriorate very quickly and become quite hazardous.  Please ensure your tires are safe, properly inflated, and in good condtion prior to your trip.  Again, the Town is aware that you and your Scouts are here and they do their utmost to keep the roads safe at all times...but, sometimes they just can't make it out here regularly enough to keep things the way we like them.

The camp roads are plowed but not sanded.  We do our best to provide the safest road conditions possible.  It is highly recommended to carpool as much as possible in winter, as parking space is greatly reduced.  On busy weekends (Camopree's, etc) excessive foot and vehicle travel can make the roads EXTREMELY SLIPPERY.  If at all possible, leave the troop trailers at home.  Chances are very high that you will not be able to bring it to your site.  You MUST have 4WD (or chains) to bring a trailer anywhere, except the Main Parking Lot.  Remember, the camp speed limit is 10 MPH - please take extra care if you must drive in camp.  Vehicles do not stop well on hard packed snow and ice.  Do not drive onto any unplowed area.  We have limited equipment to pull you out, and will not do so if it poses any threat to our vehicles and equipment.

When driving up/down Summit Lake Rd, stay in the middle of the road as much as possible.  If you see another vehicle, slow down and move closer (but not off the edge) to your side of the road.  If you find a place where u can safely pull over/off, please do so until the other vehicle passes.  Be advised that some of the ditches alongside the road can be two feet or more in depth.  You will get stuck, 4WD or not.  Again, please use extreme caution when passing another vehicle on the main road into camp. 

If you are unsure of the weather/road condtions, please call the camp at 607-467-2721 and ask.  The bottom line is we are concerned for your safety and well being.  We'd like to see you again!  We appreciate the few minutes you spent to read this.  Thank you!