Land Navigation and Geocaching as of 4 Feb 13

Land Navigation and Compass Courses

Tuscarora Scout Reservation now has 5 individual, newly upgraded, land navigation/compass courses.  They range from simple 2 and 3 point courses to more complex courses with 8 or more points.  Click on Land Navigation/Compasss Courses to download the PDF document.  Copies are available at Camp.  Contact the Camp Ranger if you have any questions (comments or corrections too).  These courses have been verified by the 204th Eng Bn NYARNG using state of the art military and civilian equipment.

Good luck and enjoy!



1. There is one geocache location at Tuscarora Scout Reservation.  To find information about this cache, and others, go to (basic membership is free)

2. Once you have your free ID, click on "Play" and scroll down to "Other search options".  In the "by cache name" box, enter "Baden-Powell".  You will get a list of caches, but there are some other caches around the world (Australia, New Zeland, Portugal, UK) that have "Baden-Powell in their name.  The geocache at Tuscarora is title "Baden-Powell Treasures: Cache to Cub Scouts".  It's "GC" is GC29P81.  The webpage is

3. We are not able to provide you the coordinates directly - but they are available at the Campmaster Building so that you can search for it while you are in camp.

4. Good luck!!