Important Camp Notices as of 13 Jan 2014

1. Hazards:

    A. Lake Ice - There is no such thing as safe ice, however, current ice thickness is between 5 and 7 inches.  This is thick enough to support small group activities (ice fishing, skating, etc).  Please consult the Camp Ranger prior to any acitivty that involves being on the ice.

     B. Waterfront/Docks - The swim docks, waterfront area, and lake ice in this area is STRICTLY OFF LIMITS at all times.  The ice IS NOT SAFE in this area.

     C. Road Ice - Camp roads can/will be icy in spots and will be slippery.  Watch where you walk and use extreme caution if you must drive in camp.  Vehicles should not be driven past the Main Parking Lot without permission. 

 2. Summit Lake Road (entrance road) is currently bare, but is icy/rutted.  The Town keeps the road well sanded.    Rear-wheel drive vehicles are not recomended.  Please slow down when passing another vehicle.  There is very little shoulder room, and in places there isnt any.  Please use caution, especially going downhill. 

 3. There will be limited vehicle access to the sites due to road conditions and ice.  Trailers must be towed by a 4WD/AWD vehicle so long as ice/snow is present - unless going to the parking lot.  Chances are that trailers will not be permitted in WU3 or WU2.  You will be provided detailed guidance upon arrival/checkin as conditions constantly change.

4.  The Camp Ranger will use discretion should your vehicle become stuck, or slide off the road.  If the vehicles removal will cause further damage to it, or put Camp equipment/property at risk, then the driver must call a local tow company for assistance. 

5.  Have fun - be safe - do the right thing.