Hiking at Tuscarora and Trail Information as of 30 Nov 2016

Camp Tuscarora has a very unique hiking trail system!  Click on an item below for more information including; maps, trail mileages and descriptions, and a general Powerpoint Slide show overview.  Maps and Trail Guides can also be obtained at the Campmaster Building, from the Camp Ranger, and at the Council Scout Shop. 

Trails Overview - A Powerpoint slide show providing a history and summary of the Trail System  

Color GPS Trail Map  (as of Nov 2016)

Trail Guide - A document showing trail mileages and "level of difficulty"

 Click here to download the Camp Tuscarora BSA GoogleEarth KMZ file.  To use this file you must first download and install Google Earth on your computer. In Google Earth, click "add/network link".  Make sure you name it for easier use.  Also make sure the two little checkboxes are both checked.  Then click "OK".  The name you created will show up under "PLACES" in Google Earth.  Click on this and the trail map will show as an overlay...you'll have a 3D trail map!  Note also that you may double-click on the file if you do not wish to permanently import it into Google Earth, however you still must download and install Google Earth.